Zairil Zainal is a photographer based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Nurenberg Germany. He studied Industrial Design (B.A. Hons art and design) and graduated in 2007 from the MARA University of Technology Shah Alam Malaysia.

After many years as a keen amateur photographer beside his main job, following his free time passions with friends  for Surfing, Traveling, Skating and Fishing. The knowledge and skills became more and more  till the upcoming demand for his work crossed the boarder of a hobby. He realised he had found his passion and his true life in taking shots in sports Surfing, Skateboarding, weddings and portraits.

His photography style is adaptive to his surroundings; while he seeks the emotion of the moment he never forgets the art in the image. Every shot contains real moments that serve his clients’ desire to present products and ideas in the most compelling way.
“Being able to capture all nature, the love and the beauty in life around us and the immense joy and happiness in every scene of the world has led me to the point to create eternal memories”.

Zairil Zainal is ready to engage with any parties / agencies for an assignment and willing to travel to any part of the world to fulfill his customer photography requirement. For those who are interested for his photography services or have any further request, feel free to drop him an email at zairil@zairilzainal.com or contact via mobile @ +49 157 30874634 (Germany) +6012 933 7590 (Malaysia).

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